In a world of rapidly changing technology, any business that wants to compete online in the global market needs to utilise the most up-to-date technology, to provide the best possible customer experiences. Much of this technology is extremely specialised, utilising decades of experience and infrastructure developed by leaders in their respective fields.

It’s no secret that underinvestment in technology over the last decade has left NZRB and TAB playing catch-up in many areas. That’s why we’ve entered into strategic partnerships with three leaders in global technology, leveraging their intellectual property and innovation to deliver best in class digital infrastructure for our customers and employees. To modernise the way we do IT and reduce our annual IT costs over a five year term, we’ve partnered with Spark Digital. This partnership has delivered Optimus, which has provided cloud based network and security as well as a Google platform from which NZRB employees now work, enabling better collaboration, file security and a scalable platform for further digital enhancements.

And we’re continuing to deliver for our customers by partnering with OpenBet and Paddy Power Betfair to ensure that we’re offering a competitive betting product to both the domestic and global market. OpenBet provide software to the betting industry and Paddy Power Betfair are one of the largest racing and sports betting operators in the world. Together these two global leaders will provide us with a world class technology platform and the extensive range of betting opportunities that will deliver a betting experience that meets our customer’s needs.

These exciting partnerships will position us as a fast follower in global betting innovation and development, making us more competitive and giving more opportunities for customer growth and retention.