NZRB is making some changes to our media sales function to provide greater mutual value to both NZRB and our clients, and position our media sales to support future development of our distribution and media strategies.

The key change is that we will no longer be selling advertising ‘spots’ for TAB Trackside TV or Radio, and are instead moving to a sponsorship and content creation model.  NZRB’s Media and Content team will work with our clients to find the best suitable advertising sponsorship and/or content creation opportunities based on the client’s requirements and objectives.

The change comes into effect from 19 June 2017.  We will sell spots through until November 2017 only, after which there will be no spot advertising available on Trackside TV or radio other than as part of an agreed sponsorship.  Current contractual arrangements stand until their renewal.

The changes are being made following a six month review into the media sales function and process, which highlighted a number of issues, gaps and opportunities, including:

  • The current ‘spot’ focused approach and associated processes are highly manual and labour intensive.  There has been little investment in this area, resulting in a costly and inefficient process which is not meeting its potential as a revenue stream contributing to NZRB’s profit and returns to industry.
  • Service delivery, including reporting back to clients, and value of service to clients is inconsistent, and needs improvement.
  • The live nature of our racing/betting does not align with the current ‘spot’ scheduling process, and in some cases can even hinder it resulting in clients’ spots not going to air.
  • Any meaningful improvement to the current process would require a major investment in software and people. Our future distribution strategy may see a further shift in the way we sell advertising within 18-24 months’ time, meaning any significant investment in this area right now is neither a viable nor sound commercial option.
  • There is an opportunity to bring in a more diverse client base such as rural corporates/brands while still providing a variety of value and options for our industry clients.
  • This new approach will help ensure we are providing good value to all of our clients and are able to offer a range of options to meet their individual circumstances, while we continue to focus on planning our desired future state for distribution and media.

It also enables NZRB to improve the efficiency and profitability of this media sales function, which in turn benefits the wider industry through better returns.

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